Jane Fonda.

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Jane Fonda
thinks its «very important» for older ladies having sexy time, she, really, never ever wants to do it again.

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At a Los Angeles premiere on her behalf brand-new
lusty rom-com

Book Club

, in fact it is about four slutty mothers exactly who
look over

50 Tones of Grey

in their book nightclub and discover their lives permanently changed, the 80-year-old actress began a conversation with


by describing the crux of this movie.

«It’s about crucial things, relationship and gender, and that it’s ok for earlier females to possess both,» she mentioned.

She simply does not want to-be one of those older women who, a person might say,

have it completely

. While Fonda happens to be married three times and
really likes to bone
, this lady hasn’t been in a connection since ending circumstances in 2017 with music music producer Richard Perry, and is also no further into doin’ it.

«I am not internet dating any longer, but i did so until after some duration before,» Fonda stated. «i am 80. I’ve closed upwards store down truth be told there!»

Congratulations to Fonda on her pension from sex!